About Us

Our Mission 
TheAmishBarnstar.com is dedicated in providing customers with the highest quality goods and Amish values that have been passed down for generations. Our products are made by real local Amish families and a portion of all proceed goes directly towards those families in need.
Our History
Our company was founded in 2005 in the Amish heartland of Ohio. We pride our self on our customer service, quality goods, and hard work.

The Barnstar
The barnstar is an Amish tradition handed down from generations. Barnstars were meant to represent the mark of the builder, but became more frequently used for aesthetic purposes and were added to the building after construction was complete.Barnstars were used in the United States during the 18th century and as late as 1870 in Ohio, where their popularity increased greatly following the Civil War. Barnstars remain a very popular form of decoration and modern houses are sometimes decorated with simple, metal, five-pointed stars which the makers describe as "barn-stars". They are often deliberately distressed or rusted, alluding to the traditional decoration.
Amish Quality
The Amish are trained from a very young age that if a job is worth doing it is a job worth doing right. That instilled value is what makes their products so special.  The Amish live a very simple life with minimal furnishings in their homes.  It goes without saying that there are no refrigerators, televisions, computers, radios, electricity, telephones, fans, etc.  What took me by surprise was finding there are no pictures, doilies, what-knots, or even couches inside their homes!  An Amish home  is furnished with wooden beds, handmade quilts, basic dressers, a kitchen table with a few hardwood chairs, and wooden floors without even a throw rug. The families within this area are carried in a black buggy type carriage, which is pulled by horses. It is not unusual to see a young boy around the age of 9, controlling a team of horses pulling him around a field on a wagon or buckboard. These wagons have wooden wheels with large spokes or thick steel wheels. The wagon wheels have to be sturdy in order to carry logs to the sawmill or hay to the barn. The Old Order Amish do not use rubber on their wheels; many of the hubs are made of wood, sarvin hubs, flush hubs, or other types of hubs that have been used for centuries. A metal band (steel tire rim) actually rolls on the roadway. The wheels are a lot like the western wheels shown on the covered wagons except a little bit more narrow.